David Loewensteiner

Research Assistant

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David has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Marine Biology from Boston University and Florida Institute of Technology, respectively. Before coming to Darwin and CDU, he worked as a research assistant at the University of Maryland. There, he worked mostly as a fisheries ecologist, conducting surveys to help understand food web dynamics and fishery impacts in the Chesapeake Bay and mid-Atlantic Bight of the Atlantic Ocean. David also had a keen interest in conducting stakeholder-driven fisheries management initiatives, where stakeholder values and opinions were incorporated into the management process.

In the last several years, David has served as lead AUV technician for a REMUS 600 AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle). He also served as a technical coordinator for independent, third party performance testing and evaluation of oceanographic sensors at the Alliance for Coastal Technologies. The goal of the Alliance is to provide users with information about the performance of sensors in important and emerging areas of oceanographic research.

Finally, David has worked as a Sampling Systems Coordinator for the Maritime Environmental Resource Center. This program completes independent testing and evaluation of advanced ballast water treatment systems for the management and control of invasive species in the commercial shipping industry.  They conduct testing to determine if ballast water treatment technologies meet the stringent standards as determined by the International Maritime Organization and United States Coast Guard.

At CDU, David is continuing to work with novel technologies to advance the understanding of the environment and emerging environmental issues, especially as they relate to the movement of animals in changing landscapes.




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