A/Prof. Hamish Campbell

Head of the Lab



Hamish Campbell is a RIEL Senior Research Fellow and leader of the Movement and Landscape Ecology laboratory (MLE-Lab) at Charles Darwin University (CDU). He is the Chair of the Environment Discipline for the College of Engineering, IT and Environment. He lectures and coordinates units in Spatial Sciences and also runs the CDU Drone School. 

Hamish is interested in studying the spatiotemporal relationship between animals and their environment. In particular, what drives animals to move, how do they respond to environmental heterogeneity, and why they select certain areas over others. Understanding how animals move through space and time is fundamental to ecological processes and Hamish’s research aids in the management of  Australia's invasive and threatened species. His current projects study the movement and migration of birds, reptiles, mammals, and fish across Northern Australia. He currently sits on the Commonwealth Threatened Species Scientific Committee, which advises the Australian Government on matters of national environmental significance.



Contact Hamish:


Ph: +61 8 8946 6666

Charles Darwin University                         Ellengowan Drive, Building Yellow 2.2.14         Casuarina NT 0810 Australia




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Hamish's full publications list can be found here on the Publications tab. Most PDFs of full texts can be found on his Google Scholar, Research Gate, and/or Academia.edu profile pages.