Our Team

Our common interest is understanding how animals move through the landscape - where do they go and what do they do when they get there? Yet, we have a huge diversity of study animals, fields of study, project methodologies, and backgrounds.  


Hamish Campbell

Head of the Lab

David Loewensteiner

Research Assistant

Mariana Campbell

Research Fellow & Lab Manager

Amélie Corriveau

Ph.D. Candidate

Tara crewe

Research Fellow

Rebecca Lehrke

Ph.D. Candidate 

Ruth Patterson

Ph.D. Candidate


Sydney Collett

Ph.D. Candidate

Vinay Udyawer

Lab Associate

A girl and a penguin.JPG

Sarah Fischer

Ph.D. Candidate


Yusuke Fukuda

Ph.D. Candidate

Shandala Loving

Ph.D. Candidate

Marilyn Connell

Lab Associate