Marilyn Connell

Research Masters Student



Marilyn Connell is from Maryborough (Qld) and has worked as Project Manager in Natural Resources in Brisbane and Tiaro (Qld) for many years, before working as Environmental Consultant near the Mary River (Qld). 

This is her story, as she likes to tell:

"In 1999, an event occurred that was to change the course of my life. I was introduced to a freshwater turtle - Elusor macrurus - by  the Masters student Samantha Flakus. Little did I realise that almost 20 years later, I would be following in her footsteps and undertaking a Masters myself. Since 2001, as part of a small rural community group in SE Queensland - Tiaro & District Landcare Group - we have operated the Mary River turtle conservation program. During this entire period, I have had the privilege of working with the community in leading the conservation and management of one of Australia's most threatened freshwater turtles. As a result, I have gained practical experience, and an understanding of freshwater turtle conservation, ecology, and community engagement. During this period, multiple postgraduate students have utilised my assistance with their field work. In 2010, I was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship to study community turtle conservation projects in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. It was inspiring to meet and learn from turtle conservationists and researchers from around the world. Since 2009, I have given oral presentations at three international symposiums, on six occasions. In 2014, I was convinced to immerse myself in research, and become a Research Masters  student in Dr Hamish Campbell’s MLE-Lab."

Marilyn's research focuses on assessing the effectiveness of a community-driven of turtle conservation program. This has entailed establishing a standardised methodology, and protocols that are effective in capturing an assemblage of Elusor macrurus (Mary River turtle) within a riverine environment (Mary River, Qld, Australia). The population estimated in her research will be a baseline against which comparative studies can detect any population trends. 

Marilyn's research is funded by a grant from the Turtle Conservation Fund and the Burnett Mary Regional Group. She was also awarded the Mary River turtle support scholarship from Tiaro & District Landcare Group.


Published articles

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Other publications

  1. Smith, T., Connell, M.J. (in press). Mary’s Famous Five: a story of connection, commitment and community in the recovery of threatened aquatic species in the Mary River catchment Queensland. In: Recovering Australia’s Threatened Species. CSIRO Publishing. 
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