Ruth Patterson

Ph.D. Candidate



Ruth Patterson is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in physical and ecological oceanography. Her topic is on the predictive movement of marine megafauna in tropical waters. She is interested in combining the two often separate fields of marine ecology and physical oceanography by making use of her passion for mathematics and programming. Ruth has had ten years of experience in the field of coastal oceanography in Darwin, having worked at the School of Engineering and IT at Charles Darwin University, The Australian Institute of Marine Science, and the Northern Territory Government’s Aquatic Health Unit. Ruth has had extensive field experience in the Timor Sea, the South and East Alligator Rivers, the Tiwi Islands, and Darwin Harbour. She has strong technical knowledge of oceanographic instrumentation and their applications for research. She completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Geography and Environmental Science.



Charles Darwin University                         Ellengowan Dr, Building Yellow 2.2.17          Casuarina NT 0810 Australia



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