Vinay Udyawer

Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Lab Associate



Vinay completed a Bachelor of Science degree in New Zealand, majoring in Zoology and Ecology. He then moved to Townsville (QLD) to further explore the ecology of marine animals and completed an honours degree at James Cook University, looking at the spatial ecology of coastal sharks during extreme weather conditions. For his Ph.D., he explored the movement ecology and dive physiology of marine snakes in North Queensland.

Vinay is currently a postdoctoral researcher based at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Darwin, NT. His current research uses biotelemetry and other forms of spatial observations to examine the movement ecology and distribution patterns of threatened species. He is particularly interested in understanding how sea snake populations are affected by environmental changes and their vulnerability to anthropogenic threats (e.g. trawl and trap fishing, coastal development). His research aims to develop robust quantitative techniques to understand how animals interact with their environment, respond to anthropogenic threats, and produce outcomes relevant to management and conservation.

Research Interests:

Vinay's research background lies within the fields of Movement and Spatial Ecology, Animal Behaviour, Comparative Physiology, and Data Science, including:

  • Use of biotelemetry in long-term monitoring and management of wildlife and critical habitats.
  • Response of animal populations to environmental change and extreme weather events.
  • Ecophysiology and diving behaviour in marine animals.
  • Combining disparate large-scale and long-term datasets to derive a holistic understanding of landscape ecology.
  • Developing novel ways to analyse and visualise large and complex spatial datasets.


Contact Vinay

Australian Institute of Marine Science - Darwin
Arafura Timor Research Facility
23 Ellengowan Rd
Brinkin NT 0810